Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology

Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology is exactly what this article intends to throw light on, to help aspiring criminology students find good ground in their choices of tertiary institution, that can equip and groom them to help navigate through the most intrinsic of crime scenes as well as crimes in general.

According to data from Macrotrends, Canada crime rate & statistics for 2020 was 1.97, which shows a 7.2% increase from the data gathered in 2019.

Apparently, crime is a huge cause for concern in the world at large, as it poses threat to lives and properties. As such students, who are passionate about fighting crime rates should be encouraged in every way possible including providing them with the best choices of institution possible hence our article on the Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology.

Having a strong foundation on the field of criminology gives you both confidence and a strong contribution to proffering solutions that can be effective in the reduction of crime cases automatically transcending into a much more peaceful and better living environment for the Canadian citizens.

However, finding the appropriate school for you can be a bit sneaky to dig through especially as an international student. This article is well-resourced, dedicated and focused on guiding you on only the best choices of institutions with accredited courses, a broad number of criminology programs and world-class honored certificates.

Not to mention, that universities offering criminology will affect most students perspective and lifestyle probably drastically and also some of the Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology will give students an opportunity to secure a student job while being devoted to completing your studies.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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List of Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology

Below is a list of the best Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology studies and honors for any passionate student world-wide.

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is probably the best of Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology and holding a degree from the institution does go beyond opening many doors for a successful career but also grants you much easier access to state, legal, and federal government jobs.

All this benefits can be stringed to its exceptional educational quality, among many other Canadian universities.

One of its strongest perks of the University of Toronto is its keen research nature, from which criminology students learn from, and implement both group researches and personal methods acquired from knowledge in related courses.

The institution places the department of Criminology and socio-legal studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science respectively and from which it serves as a research and teaching unit for the students in this University.

International students harness every privilege presented to dive deep into a variety of disciplines of uncovering and resolving crime mysteries, order, security, and regulations.

There are also many vital topics and methodological approaches that are laced periodically into the students curriculum that will shape them into a competitive and successful criminologist.

2. University of Ottawa

With a terrific reputation, the University of Ottawa is one of the Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology studies.

This institute is not just long standing but has a clear vision and great resources to fulfill the ambitions of young criminologists.

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The Department of Criminology in the University of Ottawa accommodates international students by offering courses in two major languages both French and English.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is highly in this institute is committed and dedicated to building and training world-class criminologist after the duration of their program in the Department.

This they achieve by applying practical, innovative and cutting-edge technologies and approaches to deal with and uncover criminal issues, through the guidance of skilled and knowledgeable professors of the criminology department that are tirelessly proffering and covering new grounds to proffer vital solutions through researches which offers international students the chance to work closely with these renowned professors of criminology.

Another interesting stride of the University of Ottawa is the ability for a rewarding academic career to even international students with great expertise in arts or humanities.

These students can also be recruited to join the community of Ottawa University if they meet the values of faculty recruitment requirements, an appealing character of only the Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology studies

By pursuing criminology studies at Ottawa University you also get to enjoy the ambience of Ottawa city, which is also the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Canada and the world’s top 20 cities to live.

3. Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University has it face focused on the future, and stands unparallel among the Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology studies.

The University moves beyond the common borders of criminology studies by running with a mission to improve lives through the power of knowledge, advocacy, and engagement.

The Simon Fraser University also offers three vibrant urban campuses and several partnerships to its international students all in a bid to serve the development of criminology students.

One of the most important admission requirements for students looking to study criminology in this institution is to have a secondary school certificate or recognized foreign equivalent before enrollment.

Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology provides a wide variety of active undergraduate and graduate programs with certificates of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies, and Ph.D at program completions.

International students are given the liberty to choose to complete their criminology studies either as a major, a major with honors, a minor, or a minor in legal studies.

The Criminology Student Association (CSA) is also available as a resourceful and supportive network for criminology students, as an ideal place to organize and participate in events dedicated to solving crimes.

4. OntarioTech University

One of the renowned and top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology study is the University of Ontario Institute of Technology,

An institution aimed at enhancing and improving the quality of human lives as well as the quality of its living environment, through optimizing socio-economic relations.

The OntarioTech University is unique from other Canadian universities in that, it offers its criminology program with the integration of the social and ethical implications of technology. In addition, it has an 80 high-tech laboratory that facilitate positive social change by allowing students to conduct research, personal studies and experiments to help uncover innovative solutions to global criminal issues.

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OntarioTech University’s Criminology also inculcate in their program an ability to investigate as well as critically evaluate criminological and sociological ambiences and clarifications as to why individuals carry out crimes.

The school’s curriculum adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the study of crime, relying on in-depth knowledge of sociology, criminology, philosophy, psychology, and law.

Also, experiential learning, exposes undergraduate students to internships, and practical engagements in work place programs, as well as thesis compilations making it fall among the top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology studies.

Furthermore, one of the coolest part of studying criminology in this institute is that the program of Criminology and Justice can be pursued in two specializations which is Criminal Justice and specialization, in Youth, Crime, and Justice.

5. University of Windsor

Among our list of top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology is the University of Windsor. This school has a broad and industrious wing of innovative staff and an exceptional award-winning faculty of criminology.

The University of Windsor’s atmosphere creates an evergreen student paths for developing and refining their dreams, career and aspirations in studying criminology.

Students here, dedicate their focus on making discoveries, deciphering patterns, researches, and novel teaching to secure in a dignified manner the criminology profession.

The benefits of studying criminology in Windsor seems to be supported by a great weather in the country compared to some parts of the country with extreme weather.

Criminology degree programs at the University of Windsor are subject to the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology. International students can simply opt for the Bachelor of Arts – Honors or the Bachelor of Arts – Combined Honors, which takes four years to complete respectively.

Also, students have the alternative to choose the Minor in Forensic and Cultural Anthropology which ultimately includes six courses in total. The long-standing criminology program dissects criminal activities, legal issues, the criminal justice system and other important aspects of criminology that affect society.

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6. University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is a borderless institution stirred towards bringing to reality positive changes, sharing innovative ideas, and creating a peaceful environment for all entities making it one of the top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology study.

This University gives one the opportunity to its criminology students to explore all aspects of crime causes, having met the admission requirements.

The University of Manitoba boasts of producing some of Canada’s top criminologists with active research projects and have published widely in their fields of expertise, which is an irrevocable sterling quality of the top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology.

Also, the Faculty of Arts, which houses the criminology program, provides a practicum course that nicks the academic and professional skills into real work experience.

The uniqueness of studying this course in Manitoba is appreciated by the manner of course delivery. With majority of the courses being sociological in nature, and emphasized on research, program creation, and policy analysis.

7. Ryerson University

Ryerson University is a model as one of the Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology and it is devoted to developing a better campus which will reflect in the city from the award-winning Student Learning Centre to the forthcoming multi-functional Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex.

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Ryerson University also has an impeccable reputation which places it in the front line as the most student-focused institution of higher education in Canada.

Ryerson University criminology studies department best serves students in cultivating their analytical skills as well as deciphering excellent research in behavioral patterns and human nature.

The Faculty of Arts, also offer liberal arts full-time programs with distinguished attention to criminology. Ryerson’s Criminology program also offers its students practical real life experience through research and case studies.

Which as a result helps student to apply smart and quick thinking as well as decision making to explore and apply many forms of critical approach toward topics such as law, Indigenous justice, ethics, social injustice, human rights infringement, criminal control, and prevention.

Criminology studies at Ryerson University offer both a bachelor and master levels honors with the master level program, combined with social justice knowledge.

8.Wilfrid Laurier University

Wilfrid Laurier University is one among the Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology studies and this institution of higher learning understands that intellectual inquiry, critical reflection, and academic integrity are the must-erected pillars that can distinguish a strong institution from the rest of similar names.

By igniting its students minds and that of its academic staff, the Wilfrid Laurier University gains it admiration and plausible efforts over the years being devoted to offering exceptional knowledge in the field of criminology.

The Faculty of Human and Social Science (FHSS) offers the criminology program in which students identify and investigate social issues and make real-world linkages between what they study in class and real-live situations.

The BA degree in Criminology has a recognized international concentration in topics such as global terrorism, international “white collar” crime, and environmental crime.

FHSS lets students combine Criminology major with another honors degree, such as Society, Culture and Environment, Human Rights and Human Diversity, or Psychology which is quite a feature of top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology studies.

9. Brock University

This is also one of the Top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology education and research with avlong standing tradition of excellence.

The institute offers umparelled networking privileges with successful scholars and experts as well as a serene environment and facilities for learning.

Brock University’s criminology department provides an overall and detailed analysis of crime and justice both theoretically and on-fields to enable student get equipped for the real world.

10. York University

This citadel of knowledge is one of top 10 Universities in Canada for Criminology studies and education.

It has consistently ranked among the top institutions over the last few years and has emerged a model among Canada’s Criminology programs with a state of the art technology and programs to help students ace in their careers as a criminologist.

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