Best Handyman Apps for Your Home and Business (2023)

We put up more illumination through our article on the best handyman apps for your home and business, with sufficient resourceful content to help you get all the success you envision for your home and business.

At one point or another, you have probably been in need of a professional handyman application to assist in streamlining your business operations and rid it of the complexities associated with handyman business processing.

With several handyman application options on the market, it may be difficult to find the one which can suit your business needs and give you the most value.

You definitely would prefer nothing but the best handyman apps for your home and business that fits in your budget, yet create and handle your invoicing, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos, while still leaving a strong impression on your clients and leads.

Also, it is most people’s preference to find a handyman app that provides a user-friendly platform for a wide range of professions such as electricians, field service providers, and more.

Also, currently according to Zippia, about 91,120 handyman contractors are employed in the United States and this number is only expected to grow exponentially in the near future with residential building constructions.

The 2022 statistics further reveal the handyman service industry is around $4.5 billion.

To ensure that your business stays relevant and you retain both old and new clients, you need professional tools and technology to handle customer and industry demands.

This is the point our article comes in handy and relevant to help you with carefully handpicking the best handyman apps for your home and business among hundreds of available apps.

We ascertain that utilizing these on-demand handyman apps will transform and scale up your business to greater heights.

8 Best Handyman Apps for Your Home and Business

This is a list of the best handyman apps for your home and business, including their features.

1. FieldCamp

FieldCamp is one of the most amazing and professional handyman software that should be among your first thoughts when choosing the best handyman apps for your home and business.

It is equipped with great features to enable you to manage your own handyman services and structure your workforce with finesse and maximize their capacity more efficiently.


FieldCamp app can easily extract the details of the handymen professionals to simplify your resource management.

It provides quality back-end support that assists in consistent management of your workflow as well as delivers premium quality service to manage your home improvement projects.

FieldCamp gives you a centralized view of your operations using the powerfully programmed dashboard to help in time management and also rid the bottlenecks and roadblocks in daily work.

Gives you the ability to create professional systems to manage your handyman services that can strengthen your presence among clients and the industry.

With the FieldCamp mobile app, you can increase the profits of your handyman business.

It has a user-friendly interface that can help you communicate effectively with your handyman workforce.

It is efficient at removing any complications in your handyman service processing that may stall your progress, thereby restoring and smoothening your workflow and ensuring that you achieve your desired business targets.

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Your local professionals can adapt to the new integration and benefit from Invoice management, Job scheduling and dispatching,
Payment processing, Staff and customer management, and Generations of the business report to ease their lives.

2. Handy

Handy is another sterling name and one of the best handyman apps for your home and business, with numerous features that horn professionalism.

The app offers options that can handle tasks for home and family handyman, from cleaning services to plumbing, painting jobs, and the like.


The handy app platform has a smooth, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface that establishes a more flexible relationship between the handyman contractor and the clients.

It also handles booking, vetting, and payments bridging the gap between the clients and the service providers.

Client’s request can be sorted based on your preference, giving you effective work schedule management.

Handy has a free version that doesn’t charge for cancellations, background checks, and rescheduling jobs. It also has a pro version, which works with a subscription plan.

The Handy (Pro)

The Handy Pro version is designed to do what the free version can and cannot achieve.

It is an excellent application for home cleaning and maintenance services for clients willing to pay for the extra support.

It helps to connect thousands of handyman contractors and workers with customers across different cities.

The Handy Pro version also provides excellent support to household owners and handyman contractors as well as streamlines the communication between these two.

3. InvoiceOwl (iOS, Android)

InvoiceOwl is a very simplified handyman app and one of the best handyman apps for your home and business in terms of cost estimator software for contractors.

It comprises of certain features that can enable you to improve your business finances and ensure that you place your finger on the pulse of your cash flow.


With this app, features such as estimates, invoicing, credit memos, creating purchase orders, and several sales reports are provided.

It equips you with the necessary tool to manage your handyman clients and ensure instant service invoices and quick payment receipts for paying your unpaid invoices can be received with just a few clicks, as well as set an in-app reminder to help you serve different clients appropriately.

Pre-built, professional, customizable templates used as preferred requirements to create professional invoices, estimates, and other documents.

With InvoiceOwl, managing your payment, and financial documents can be done with automated processing which will improve the processes involved for your associates, clientele, and stakeholders thereby minimizing time and increasing accuracy.

It also has an intuitive UI/UX that can help your handyman technicians adopt the new integration available and boost your business productivity, this is one of the numerous selling points of the app that makes it one of the best handyman apps for your home and business.

InvoiceOwl is supported by both Android and iOS mobile devices, which increases the application’s usability and qualifies it as one of the best handyman apps for your home and business.

You can limit manual processing and focus on removing inefficient errors in your financial management operations and also automate the most redundant operations to gain overall business productivity.

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Also, another advantage the app offers is to involve clients effectively by saving their necessary information such as contact and contact names, addresses, transaction details, dates, and other important details for future reference and operations.

Also, the app enables you to sufficiently streamline your cost estimates so you don’t run out of the needed capital to run your handyman tasks and home services.

You can streamline your cost estimates and ensure you do not run out of capital to run your handyman tasks and home services.

InvoiceOwl is great at creating a professional yet easy-to-understand invoice and receiving online payments as well.

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4. JobFLEX

JobFLEX is also a unique platform and one of the best handyman apps for your home and business you can opt for it to keep track of your business, and workforce to ensure all-around satisfaction.

It is a cloud-based estimation solution for small and medium-sized handyman businesses that can assist you in streamlining your business operations.


The application creates a platform that connects you with your potential customers effectively and ensures that communication with your in-house team and family handyman is secured with finesse.

JobFLEX provides you with features to create professional quotes in a collected way that can increase your productivity and general effectiveness.

In addition, these quotes can be customized by including logos, drop-down menus, images, marketing collateral, and like options.

Sales, opportunities, and leads can be organized on JobFLEX. Plus, you can get leads for your handyman business.

You can create new files when a new project is added to your to-do list which can help you collect the relevant data in one place and remove future miscommunication that can hinder the operations.

5. Jobber

Jobber is a professional field service management software and also one of the leading best handyman apps for your home and business that provide on-demand service that run on both iOS and Android devices.

Jobber offers extremely powerful management features for appliance repair, security installation, HVAC system installation, furniture removal and assembly, and other household repairs.


It provides an all-in-one solution that assists with professional home improvement project management.

The Jobber app can be used for real-time tracking, invoice generation, GPS tracking, and robust communication.

This software can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

6. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is recognized as a powerful lead generation app that is great at connecting you with clients who seek different service providers for home maintenance, security installations, mid services, pet trainers, plumbing, makeup artists, pest control, car wash, computer repair, and multiple other household job description.

You can use it to create a professional handyman business profile listed on the platform where users can connect with your business for different required services.

This app is smooth, easy to use, and also provides professional support

7. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a locally-installed software that qualifies to appear on our list of the best handyman apps for your home and business due to its amazing features that can help handle your accounting process.

The app offers three different options that you can use to make accounts and save money for different on-demand businesses.

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Each software version is designed to cater for different business scales and help in handling a user’s tailored requirements with finesse.

Managing your budget is a plus on QuickBooks to help support your online marketing strategies, expense tracking, and other financials.

QuickBooks also has a Desktop that is available on Mac and Windows operating systems. This provides you with different options to install the software on your workstation for quick, easy, and accurate financial management.

8. Google Workspace

Last on our list but definitely not by ranking is the industrious Google Workspace, this is more than just an app but super efficient software that helps you manage your handyman business operations.

The Google workspace provides one of the most useful and organized ecosystems including platforms like Google Drive, Sheets and Docs, Gmail, Meet, Forms etc.

Google Workspace is an excellent option to track and manage administrative and accounting tasks making it one of the best handyman apps for your home and business.

It allows you to manually create your invoices using spreadsheets and a professional email account to connect with your clients using Gmail.

Use different individual Google tools like Drive, Gmail, and Docs with the support of Google that can streamline your majority of handyman business operations.

The ecosystem has the best handyman apps that can be integrated into your business ecosystem.

Expanding your clientele and improving your cash flow with effective estimates and invoices is especially guaranteed with Google workspace which is adequately designed for your handyman contracting business.


In our list of the best handyman apps for your home and business above, we recommend strongly all of the apps for your handyman businesses and contracts, We believe by using one of these, you will obtain satisfaction, and easily monitor all units of your business.

Furthermore, planning and scheduling of tasks for your workforce will be better directed and overseen through entries on the app to instantly produce estimates and invoices for your clients.

Also, with the use of GPS-based capabilities by the handyman platforms it enables you to determine the precise position of your workers, stay in touch, and be informed on the latest clients’ preferences and updates necessary.

Also, using these apps guarantees quick viewing and managing dozens of schedules, reports, inquiries, invoices, bills, and other documents just with a few clicks, saving time and energy as well as assuring accuracy.

Though, it is important to note that the best handyman apps for your home and business as mentioned above can do more than streamline your financial management ecosystem but help you manage and create, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos that can represent your professionalism.

Still, it is important that you reflect and think wisely by considering your business needs and goals before investing in a professional handyman app.

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