15 Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria

Are you one of those who would like to study aviation in Nigeria but you do not have adequate information on where to start or what school to choose from? The good news is that you are in the right place and we have created this guide to help you find the best aviation schools in the country.

These schools will help you and provide you with every training you need to pursue a professional career in the aviation industry. Whether you want to become a pilot in Nigeria or outside the country, this article has got you covered.

While aviation is a highly technical field of study, prospective students should know they may not get enough education from a conventional Nigerian university. Therefore, looking for institutions with a speciality in aviation will help them.

But, with the presence of both international and operational domestic airports in Nigeria, as well as numerous controlled airstrips and heliports, 554 licensed pilots, cabin crew members etc.. It is certain that Nigerian pilots are needed, and highly in demand.

To be a certified pilot in Nigeria, an air traffic controller, and other roles in the aviation field, you definitely have to meet several requirements such as being certified by an aviation school or institute.

Though, worthy of note is most aviation institutions charge high tuition fees but you can be sure they are worth every penny.

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Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria

Below are some of the best aviation schools in Nigeria where you can be trained as a professional pilot.

1. Dhaewood Aviation Business School

Dhaewood Aviation Business School

Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS) is a renowned and excellent private professional training institution. It was founded in 2005 and has since accomplished very commendable strides.

DABS’s goal is to advance value training in the aviation, travel and tourism industry, and also seek to cater for the professional needs of numerous ambitious school leavers by giving them phenomenal and quality aviation training.

The school offers training that makes individuals easily employable in the aviation/travel and tourism industry around the globe.

DABS, also cater for the needs of working and business class students with stringent schedules who can’t exit their positions for additional studies, by providing flexible full-time, low-maintenance courses and self-study [learn at your pace] programs in aviation, transport, and tourism for students’ convenience.

This school have a state-of-the-art environment and technologies for practical training. With quality instructors/lecturers, students are assured of professionalism by the International Air Transport Association [IATA], which has been in existence for over 50 years.

The school set up their students for the IATA outer diploma examinations, as a window to ensure their competitive positions with colleagues around the world.

Furthermore, DABS has established relationships with other schools across several continents, including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Oceania.

DABS offer the following Aviation courses:

  • 2D/3D Animation course.
  • Cabin Crew.
  • Aviation Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management.
  • Ticketing/Reservation/ C.R.S/GDS.
  • General Cargo Handling & Operation.
  • Tourism Mgt.
  • Travel Agency management.
  • Transport Management, Hotel Management.
  • Travel Visa Processing & Management.
  • Airline Operation Management.
  • Transport Management.
  • Hotel Management.
  • Aviation Security Safety.
  • Airline Baggage Handling Management.
  • Airline Ground Operation Management.
  • Airline Security & Safety.
  • Airport Security & Safety.

2. International Aviation College

International Aviation College

International Aviation College, is an excellent aviation institution with top-notch quality service, and was founded in 2011 by the Kwara State Government through an open private partnership with an aviation consult.

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The school is situated precisely along Airport Street, Ilorin and in close proximity to the Ilorin airport. Since its inception, the school has produced more than 110 pilot graduates.

This school utilizes diamond aircraft to train their students and prospective pilots. The school offers a wide variety of accredited courses and a serene environment for tutelage and practice lessons or personal research, with school fees reaching the tune of tuition N7 Million.

3. Nigeria College of Aviation Technology

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology is also worth considering for professional aviation experience. The establishment is rich in knowledge and aviation experience by ensuring the provision of human resource development in the aviation industry in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the school plans on broadening its services to become one of the best pilot makers and aviation employees around the world.

This institute offers aviation courses such as:

  • Aviation Language Proficiency Course.
  • AVEL Aviation English for Non-English Speaking Countries.
  • AVSEC Aviation Security Awareness.
  • AVSEC Aviation Security Basic.
  • ATC Refresher Course ACRF.
  • AC Standard Air Traffic Control Course.
  • Area Airway Non-Radar.
  • Terminal/Area Radar Course.
  • Area Control Course Refresher.
  • Govt. Aviation Operations.
  • Apron Control Course.
  • Aeronautical Operations Officer Course.
  • Terminal Radar (Refresher).
  • Radio Telephony Operations (RTO).
  • Airport Telephone Operations and Billing.

4. Landover Aviation Business School

Landover Aviation Business School (LABS) is an NCAA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority)-licensed and an IATA (International Air Transport Association) authorized aviation training Institute in the country.

LABS is one of the finest aviation schools in Nigeria and was founded to train students to achieve excellence and professionalism in their aviation dreams.

The core courses offered by LABS include:

  • Travel & Tourism.
  • Technical & Operations.
  • Aviation Management.

5. Universal School of Aviation

Universal School of Aviation

One of the best aviation Schools in Nigeria right now is the Universal School of Aviation. This institution was established with a mission to be a production line that supplies the numerous needs of the aviation industry.

The school is licensed by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) which is also a branch of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), to provide professional training to students and issue licenses at the end of each program.

The aim of the school is to offer proper training and produce qualified staff who will make a great impact in the aviation industry and move it forward.

These staff are trained with domestic and international standards, so they can work in any aviation industry across the world. This school have professionally graduated a large number of aviation staff who meet international standards.

The school also offers employment opportunities to some of its best graduates in the industry, in other words reducing the alarming unemployment levels in the country.

Courses Offered in the school include:

  • Flight Attendance.
  • Travel Agency Management.
  • Tourism Management.
  • Air Ticketing/Reservation.
  • Electronic Booking Tools.
  • Hotel Management,

6. Aeroconsult Aviation

Aeroconsult Aviation

Aeroconsult Aviation Training is indisputably one of Nigeria’s best aviation schools. It is a main specialist aviation consultancy firm that offers services in operations, engineering, and management consulting to aviation and allied industries.

It also has the license of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority(NCAA) as an Approved Training Organization and operates under the umbrella (ATO) with Approval No: ATO/AA/002

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Aeroconsult Aviation is one of the oldest aviation schools in Nigeria, as it was founded in October 1993. The aim of this school is to serve as an immediate consequence of the need to offer unrivalled development and specialized reinforcement to both established and best-in-class aviation and partnered firms at home and abroad.

Here are some of the courses they offer: 

  • Airline Technical Records & Document Control Systems (ATRDC).
  • Airline Management (AM).
  • Aviation Stores Management (ASM).
  • Helicopters Landing Officers Course (HLO).
  • Aircraft Maintenance Management (AMM).
  • Quality Management Systems For Airlines (QMS).
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Control (AMPC).
  • Airworthiness Course (AWC).
  • Flight Dispatcher/Flight Operations Officer Course (Basic).

7. Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management

Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management

With a record and centre of excellence as well as professionals whose expertise rubs off legitimately on both the nature of project execution and its students, Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management is simply one of the best aviation schools on Nigerian soil.

As one of the best, their aim is to prepare various skilled professionals and they have kept on fulfilling the needs of the rapidly growing aviation industry in Nigeria.

They also provide students with personal training services to ensure they are adequately skilled and informed to assume delicate roles in the Nigerian aviation industry/business.

With forward-thinking curriculums and very passionate, proficient, and receptive instructors, students can be guaranteed excellence, as also licensed by IATA.

They also identify with business class students or busy individuals who do not have flexible schedules, by providing both full-time, low-maintenance courses and personal programs in aviation, travel, and tourism.

Courses offered by the school include Air Ticketing and Reservations, Cabin Crew Abi-Initio training, Basic Flight Dispatcher, Cargo Handling, and Travel Agency Management.

8. Lagos Aviation Academy

Lagos Aviation Academy

Lagos Aviation Academy, or AA for short, serves a place in this post. It has a key goal of supporting and raising the competence of the aviation industry and simultaneously supporting the incoming age of aviation professionals.

LAA is burdened with training greatness and strives against all odds to deliver high-calibre and licensed training programs in aviation at home and abroad.

The school has produced strategic partnerships with local and international aviation industries and academic institutes.

Their courses are IATA Cargo Handling and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation.

9. Riteway International School of Travel and Tourism

Riteway International School of Travel and Tourism aims to give acquisition and career development focus, as well as offer excellent aviation and travel training solutions to individuals desiring a career in the aviation Industry.

Despite the increased number of students setting out on degree courses, there is the International Institute of Aviation & Shipping Technology.

Employers are pushing for courses such as those offered by Riteway, where people are keen to adapt and profoundly skilled even without necessarily having a full aviation degree, and schools like Riteway furnish their students with the needed skills and disposition to manage a business.

Riteway International School of Travel and Tourism has inventive strategies and adaptive training facilities that help participants identify with the subject issue, and gain a practical perspective and understanding of the program.

10. Crew Training Institute

Crew Training Institute

Crew Training Institute is dedicated to training interested individuals for standard aviation positions to function and serve in industry capacities.

This school train, encourage and has properly experienced cabin crew members who instruct and equip students to gain necessary career exposure as cabin crew members.

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The school places focus on essential data and information on how to follow that career path and they also train students on the secret to the hiring process that will successfully get you a job as part of a cabin crew.

Because most of the lecturers have first-hand experience as cabin crew members, they perfectly understand how to be an outstanding and professional cabin crew.

CTI will furnish you with all that you want to realize that dream of becoming part of the cabin crew.

Courses offered by the school include:

  • Cabin Crew Certificate Course.
  • Becoming a Flight Attendant.
  • Resume And Cover Letter Writing.
  • Interview Coaching.
  • Recruitment Fairs.

11. Falcon Aviation Training Lagos

Falcon Aviation Training is also one to consider as conceived through the passion of the co-founders to help make aviation training affordable for more people.

If you seek an aviation school with affordable tuition Falcon Aviation training is an option to achieve your career objectives as the case may be. Their vision is to empower more people with the knowledge, skills and attitude to succeed in the aviation industry.

12. Gibair Aviation Academy

Gibair Aviation Academy

Gibair Aviation Academy is a certified aviation training school and makes the list of 15 Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria.

It offers both aviation & maritime business courses that span several areas such as piloting, air ticketing & reservation, cabin crew, airport operation, tourism management, ticketing & cargo handling, and clearing & forwarding.

13. International Institute of Aviation & Shipping Technology, Lagos

The International Institute of Aviation and Shipping Technology is an option for aviation students to consider. It has made partnerships with a number of maritime, aviation, shipping, and schools and offer courses in these areas as well as catering, ICT etc.

The school is still growing but has international logistics and administration. They have proved to be a reliable institute in helping students obtain their training through other institutions of learning within their scope.

14. Aviation And Maritime Business Academy Lagos

Aviation and Maritime Business Academy is among the 15 Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria, as a registered Independent Tertiary Institution in the field of Aviation it offers courses such as Aviation Management, Maritime Management, Security Management & Technology, Logistics Management, Petroleum and Pipeline Management, etc.

The LAMB ACADEMY is recognized by the National Board for Technical Education as well as the Federal Ministry of Education as an Independent tertiary. Professional institution.

It is generally accepted by both public and private sector organizations, and have affiliations with various universities in Nigeria and abroad for some of its programs and collaborate with professional bodies for the best professional experience.

15. Belgrade Aviation Training Institute Lagos

Belgrade Aviation Training Institute sums up our list of the bets aviation schools in NIgeria. While this institution is in its early phase, it has a lot of potential to be become a great aviation educational institution in NIgeria.

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