May 21, 2024
courses you can study without mathematics

This is a detailed guide on the courses you can study without mathematics in Nigeria, read to the end to gain more insight.

Mathematics is one of the subjects that has made plenty of people fail to gain admission into the university.

Some courses require that you write mathematics in Jamb to gain admission into the university while some do not require it.

If you are tired of writing JAMB repeatedly because you cannot pass mathematics, I would advise you to opt for courses you can study without mathematics in Nigeria.

These courses are not inferior to those ones that require mathematics or are they superior to them, as long as you are dedicated, then you have solved some of your problems.

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Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics In Nigeria

Many people have written JAMB repeatedly because they want to study science courses at all costs, even without having any knowledge of mathematics.

In today’s Nigeria, it does not matter what you study, what matters is your level of commitment to the course you are studying and your determination to succeed.

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However, Mathematics is very important to us, we apply mathematics in all areas of life. It is good to know the basics so you can apply them in your daily life, but do not stress yourself if you do not know the complex ones.

Instead of continuously writing JAMB to gain admission into the university to study science courses when you know you are not good at mathematics, why not go for courses you can study without mathematics in Nigeria?

It is better you study what you are good at in the University to avoid being frustrated. Do not let anybody detect what you should study for you, you know yourself and you know your capability.

If you are good at mathematics, go for science courses, if you are not, go for courses you can study without mathematics in Nigeria.

However, below are the courses you can study without mathematics in Nigeria. These courses are offered in the private universities, state universities, and federal universities such as the University of Nigeria.

1. Adult Education

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2. Law

3. Conflict and Peace Resolution

4. Counsellor Education

5. Drama / Dramatic / Performing Art

6. Education and Biology

7. Education and Efik/Ibibio

8. Education and Geography

9. Education and Political Science

10. Education and Social Studies

11. Elementary Education

12. English and Literary Studies

13. English Language

14. Environmental Education

15. French

16. Geography

17. Geography and Environmental Management

18. Geography and Meteorology

19. Government and Public Administration

20. Guidance and Counselling

21. History

22. History and International Studies

23. Home Economics and Education

24. Hospitality and Tourism

25. Hotel and Tourism Management

26. International Relations and Diplomacy

27. Library and Information Science

28. Linguistics

29. Local Government Administration

30. Mass Communication

31. Peace and Conflict Studies

32. Philosophy – Under the Faculty of Art

33. Physical and Health Education

34. Policy and Administrative Studies

35. Policy and Strategic Studies

36. Political and Administrative Studies

37. Population Studies.

38. Meteorology.

39. Geography and Regional Planning.

40. Library Science.

41. Library and Information Science.

42. Media and Communication Studies.

43. Film and Video Studies.

44. Policy and Strategic Studies.

45. Policy and administrative studies.

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46. Social Justice.

47. Hospitality and Tourism.

48. Environmental protection and resources management.

49. Public Administration.

50. Sociology.

51. Intelligence and security studies.

52. Sociology and Anthropology.

53. Religious studies.

54. Philosophy.

55. Psychology.

56. Peace and Conflict Studies.

57. Archaeology.

58. French and International Relations.

59. Linguistics/Yoruba.

60. African and Asian Studies.

61. French with German/Russian.

62. Geography and Environmental Studies.

63. Literature in English.

64. Arabic Language and literature.

65. German.

66. Arabic and Islamic Studies.

67. Hausa.

68. Modern European Languages.

69.  Theatre Arts.

70. Modern Language and Translation.

71. Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies.

72. History and Archaeology.

73. Music.

74. Classical Studies.

75. History and Diplomacy.

76. Philosophy and Religious Studies.

77. Psychology and Human Development.

78. Comparative Religious Studies.

79. History and Political Science.

80. Russain with French/German.

81. Igbo.

82. Portuguese.

83. Creative Arts.

84. International Studies and Diplomacy.

85. Economics.

86. Yoruba.

87. Fine Art/Fine and Applied Arts.

88. Foreign Language

That is all on the courses you can study without Mathematics in Nigeria, I hope it helps you make the right choice.

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