Which Cryptocurrencies Performed Better In 2022?

The year 2022 had been unquestionably an awful year for the crypto business, with consequent bankruptcies and crashes, which makes it difficult for any cryptocurrency to expand.

Though 2022 hit cryptos hard, a few assets nicely survived the entire year more than others. So which have been the very best cryptocurrencies in 2022? If you want to invest in bitcoins, you can visit this Home Page.


BNB, likewise referred to as Binance Coin, is a resource that plays a crucial role in the ecosystem of the BNB Chain. The BNB Smart Chain and the BNB Beacon Chain are the two components of this. The very first chain is utilized for stockholding and governance, while the second chain lets for the creation of DApps.

The cost of BNB didn’t remain separated from the later scandals and crashes of 2022 but did nicely between December and June. The BNB market cap as well as trading volume are in addition increasing at the time of the posting, but this might change in the upcoming months or weeks.

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Binance USD

The price of Binance USD, a stablecoin, is tied to the worth of a US dollar. Thus, in case Binance USD’s value was to increase significantly, it will be unfavorable news.

Stablecoins are produced to remain stable, however, that doesn’t imply we can evaluate their effectiveness. Therefore, in this particular case, we have provided a chart of Binance USD’s market cap instead of its cost.

The market cap boosts the worth of the item by its spreading supply. As you will notice above, Binance USD’s market cap developed considerably throughout 2022. It increased by more than 50%. BNB USD’s 24-hour trading volume too saw a reasonable level of development, improving by more than 34% all through the year.

Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum Classic blockchain, in contrast to Ethereum 2.0 (which occurred shortly after the Ethereum Merge), still utilizes the proof of work process which depends upon the miners to safeguard the system.

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During September 2022 when the Ethereum Union occurred, there was no more need for miners as the Ethereum blockchain progressed from proof of work to proof of stake. The miners thus had to search for a different way. You ought to try out Ethereum Classic.

Because this resource could still be mined, it is a good choice for ex-Ethereum miners. ETC prices were impacted by the various ups and downs of 2022 as well, but it came out as a fighter.

A single ETC was approximately USD34 at the beginning of 2022. At the start of December, a single Etc was valued at more or less USD 20. Its worth has dropped, although not as much as some other tangibles like Bitcoin.

Lido DAO

The Lido DAO is a decentralized self-established business that supplies the management for the Lido stakeholder approach. Lido allows for fluid staking for verification of stake blockchains, along with LDO serves when the Lido DAO governance token may be utilized in the decision-making process inside Lido DAO.

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During May or June 2022, the LDO price experienced a considerable increase, however, began to recover. Although still not in the development phase, it was hurt by the FTX bankruptcy filing for November, its value hasn’t dropped more and continues to be above a dollar.


Chiliz is an undertaking based on the Ethereum blockchain which handles the improvement of cryptocurrencies for professional teams. The natural asset of the system is a CHZ token, referred to as CHZ. The CHZ performed effectively throughout the second half of 2022 after having been hurt significantly by the crypto crash in May.

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