May 21, 2024

Airdrops are growing in popularity within the cryptocurrency space as they give people free tokens for basic activities. This makes them an attractive choice for any new projects launching to help build their community and user base. So, before we dive into the best crypto airdrops around, let’s quickly explain what exactly an airdrop is. You can check platforms like Bitcoin Revolution for a smoother trading experience with the best trading techniques.

What is Crypto Airdrop?

Airdrops are a popular marketing strategy in the crypto industry. Projects use them to distribute tokens for free and expand their user base before an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or listing on exchanges. Through an airdrop, projects can increase ownership of their token as well as its circulation among users. If you’re interested in earning cryptocurrency through airdrops, there are several ways to do it.

Projects typically set requirements that must be fulfilled in order to become eligible for an airdrop; this could include anything from joining their Discord community or following them on Twitter, to entering into a raffle draw. Some projects may also automatically distribute tokens among the holders of specific cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Best Crypto Airdrops

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an innovative fantasy league game that lets you build sports teams and profile, draft members from a global pool of active players, and challenge other competitors from around the world all within a decentralized metaverse.

The project is currently offering $3,000 in its native token IBAT to anyone who completes tasks like following Battle Infinity on social media platforms. All future giveaways will be announced via their Telegram channel so make sure to stay informed!


The Basic Attention Token project is a revolutionary blockchain-based solution that rewards users for paying attention to ads. Simply by downloading the Brave web browser and enabling its rewards program, you will be entered into daily draws where you can win random crypto rewards on a monthly basis. Put your attention to work and get rewarded!


PulseChain is a hard fork of Ethereum made to offer a quicker as well as more effective operation experience as compared to Ethereum. To reward early adopters, PulseChain is conducting an unprecedented airdrop of PLS tokens at a 1:1 ratio for everyone who holds ETH in their wallet.

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Any crypto that’s granted via this system has to be transferred inside 30 days to a different wallet or it is going to be burnt. Get involved now to take advantage of one of the largest crypto airdrops in history!

DAO Labs

DAO Labs is a decentralized application development and research initiative which brings together clients, blockchains, and businesses to develop innovative governance models.

To engage with the project and gain up to 60 BUSD in rewards, complete all necessary tasks on their website such as filling out forms or following DAO Lab’s social media channels. The points you can collect will determine how much of the reward pool you receive.


MetaMask has gained immense popularity in the world of crypto wallets. Offering users a secure platform to manage their digital assets, it also enables fast transactions on all platforms. Rumored to be issuing its own cryptocurrency named $MASK, this launch is set to come with an exciting new airdrop which may take place later in 2023.

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DeFi Chain

Bitcoin doesn’t support decentralized finance (Defi) applications—but that’s what Defi Chain is hoping to change. They have developed a platform with the goal of making Bitcoin more efficient and able to fully support all kinds of Defi apps. As part of their launch, they are partnering with Cake Defi to give out $30 in DFI tokens for new users who register, plus an 11% bonus on your initial deposit when you start using their platform.

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