15 Reasons Exams Are Important

This is a detailed guide on the reasons exams are important, read to the end to know why you should participate in exams.

Many students find exams to be very stressful, they shiver at the mention of examinations.

They have a wrong perception about exams and wish they could be allowed to just go to school without participating in examinations.

If asked how many students want exams to be scraped out in the school system, every student would raise their hands.

There are many reasons students dread exams. Some students dread it because of the long hour they would use in studying and pausing their lives and their favorite activities.

However, others dread it because of the fear of failure because when people participate in exams, they are expected to either pass or fail.

Studying isn’t fun, and neither is cramming, you would have to stay up late, get up early, and somehow develop a super-memory that retains all the things you have read.

Many students go through pressure, frustration, panic, and anxiety when exams are nearing.

You do not have to go through these, exams do not hurt, they have advantages, and when you know this, it will be easier for you.

Read this article to the end to know the reasons exams are important.

Reasons Exams Are Important

Below are the reasons exams are important

1. Exams Build Confidence

One of the reasons exams are important is that they build confidence. When you study for exams and pass them, you will have this confidence that you are good at what you do and you would have the interest to do it over and over again.

Confidence comes in knowing that you are good at a particular subject, and you will not know this until you compete with others and emerge the winner.

When you study hard and get good grades, it boosts your confidence levels and makes you motivated to study hard.

2. Exams Instill Discipline

One of the reasons exams are important is that they instill discipline.

Studying for exams needs discipline, so if you can discipline yourself to study and pass your exams then you can discipline yourself to do anything in life.

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Exams make you stronger and prepare you to conquer all the challenges you will face in all ramifications of life.

3. Exams Teach Time Management

Time management is a very essential skill in life, and it is one of the reasons exams are important.

To study and pass your examination, you must learn to manage your time effectively and also do the right thing at the right time.

Schools always give students time to study, and your ability to manage your time to study, write and pass your exams makes you a champion

Time management is very vital for the growth part of our daily lives, and when you know how to manage your time, you will not fail to meet deadlines and be able to fulfill your goals.

4. Exams Improve Learning

One of the reasons exams are important is that they improve learning.

When you study and make a thorough research, you will discover and learn new information, and you will grow to love studying.

Examinations widen your horizons and make you outstanding. It helps you to become a better reader, learner, and researcher.

5. Exams Trigger Brain Exercise

Another reason why exams are important is that they trigger brain exercise.

When you stay for a long time without reading, your brain becomes dull and incapable of storing new information.

However, during exams, you will have to read extensively which will in turn become a healthy exercise for your brain.

You would also have to think extensively and challenge your mind to search your memory database for information that is relevant during the exam which is also part of brain exercise.

You would notice that during exams, you tend to understand complex information and think outside the box, this is the result of exercising your brain through studying.

6. Exams Cause Healthy Competition

The reason exams are important is that they cause healthy competition. Healthy competition is good, it helps you to assess yourself.

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During exams, many students study very hard to become the best in their classes, and the person who scores the highest is always respected.

Students who study genuinely for exams always try to get more scores and also develop new reading strategies and improve their writing skills.

7. Self-Analysis Of Own Skill

The reason exams are important is that they encourage self-analysis of own skill.

When you study for exams, you will know what you are good at and what you are not good at and create room for improvement.

Exams evaluate your ability of learning, and it is an effective way to analyze your knowledge. It is a measurement of how much you learn and the constraints in the study.

8. Learning By Examination

The reason examination is important is that you learn while preparing for exams.

You will not just learn academically, but you will learn the lesson of patience, discipline, and leadership through exams.

Exams will help you to know your unique skills, develop your thinking, and logic, and make a quick and concrete decisions.

9. Easy Judgment For Teaching

Exams are very important because they reveal students understanding of the things they are taught in school.

There is no other way for teachers to know if their students are studious or have been following the lessons taught in school apart from through exams.

Exams will help teachers to know those students that need help and help them accordingly.

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10. Exams Provide A Balanced Assessment

Another reason exams are important is that they provide a balanced assessment.

Exams show how students are able to give answers to questions, and how they can structure their answers and make them readable.

Exams also show how students understand the lessons they are being taught, and their capabilities.

With exams, students know what they are good at and their capabilities and pursue their careers based on that.

11. Exams Are Accountability Factors

Exams are accountability factors, it makes parents know if they are wasting their money on their children or not.

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Exams always make students to be studious. Every student knows the consequences of failing, and so they will strive to make sure that they do not disappoint their parents and teachers.

12. Exams Show One’s Ability To Communicate

One of the reasons exams are important is that they show one’s ability to communicate.

Exams are always structured in different formats, and this allows students to show if they can express what they’ve learned in a manner that is concise and easy to understand by others.

13. Exams Identify Weak Spots

Many students think they are knowledgeable until they write exams. Exams reveal students’ deficiencies and enable them to fill the gap.

Exams help students to improve on specific areas they wouldn’t know existed if they had not written exams.

14. Exams Are Difficult To Fake

The reason exams are important is that they are difficult to fake.

Many students pay ghostwriters to write their essays, seminars, and projects.

However, you cannot pay ghostwriters to write your exams for you, and this will enable your teachers and parents to know if you are truly knowledgeable.

15. Exams Show Range

Exams are very important in the growth of students, while projects, essays, and presentations show how well you can apply information to a niche area, exams show how well you understand a subject thoroughly.

It is not good to be very good in one area and neglect the other. If you are good at writing projects, essays, and other things, you should also know the subjects you are taught in school for balance.

That is all on the reasons exams are important, I hope it helps you.

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