This is a detailed guide on MTN Pulse Tariff Plan Migration Code and Benefits.

MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan that allows its subscribers to enjoy a flat rate of 11.26k per second for calls across all local Networks in Nigeria after the first 60-second call of the day at 27k per second.

MTN Pulse is one of the cheapest and best tariff plans, subscribers have constantly been testifying to this fact.

However, if you just purchased a new sim card or you are on another tariff plan and want to change to MTN Pulse, this article on MTN Pulse tariff plan migration code and benefits will help you.

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About MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan that allows its subscribers to enjoy a flat rate of 11.26k per second for calls across all local Networks in Nigeria after the first 60-second call of the day at 27k per second.

With MTN Pulse, subscribers can talk more with their loved ones without being scared of outrageous charges.

MTN Pulse provides many ways its subscribers can minimize their spending on calls and data for browsing their favorite websites.

It offers subscribers a free 10MB Monthly data bonus when they make their first recharge of the month through applicable recharge channels such as Physical/Logical PIN VTU MODBank/ DYA Awuf4U, or their first call of the month from their main account/XtraTime account.

However, MTN Pulse also offers the happy hour bundle which requires subscribers to subscribe by sending NT1 to 131 for the 250MB Pulse Nightlife bundle; NT2 to 131 for the 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundle, or by dialing *406# and selecting preferred bundle plan from Pulse Nightlife bundle menu.

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The night bundle is for night browsing and subscribers can only use the Pulse Nightlife bundle from 11 pm to 6 am.

The beautiful thing is that you can subscribe to the Pulse Nightlife bundle multiple times. You can subscribe to 250MB and 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundles multiple times but not more than 2GB in one night.

However, to check your Pulse Nightlife bundle balance, simply dial *559*96# or *556# or dial *406*3*3#.

Again, MTN Pulse also offers  Pulse Points. MTN Pulse points are points given to pulse users when they migrate to the pulse tariff plan for the first time, purchase data plans, Transfer Airtime/Data through the myMTN app, or Subscribe to Music Time.

However, these points can be used to purchase data bundles and are valid for a period of one year. To check for Pulse Points balance, dial *406*7#.

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How To migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

Migrating to  MTN Pulse Tariff Plan is free, but you would be charged ₦102 on subsequent migration within 30 days.

However, you can migrate to MTN Pulse through the following channels:

1. Texting  406 to 131.

2. Dialing *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

However, you can also migrate to the MTN Pulse plan when you buy Pulse Special Bundles, Pulse Nightlife Bundle(s), or Special Instagram/TikTok/Youtube Bundles. To do this, you have to:

1. Logon to

2. Enter your phone number.

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3. Enter OTP and select Proceed.

4. Click on your name on the top right corner of the home page.

5. Select My Plan.

6. Select Other Plans.

7. Select MTN Pulse.

It is worthy to note that you will not be charged for migrating to the Pulse tariff plan whenever you buy the Pulse Special Bundles, Pulse Nightlife Bundles, or Special Instagram/TikTok/Youtube Bundles from other tariff plans.

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What to do to enjoy discounted calls On Pulse

To enjoy discounted rates on your MTN-to-MTN calls and calls to other networks, you have to text 406 to 131 or dial *406*1# and migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan.

However, as soon as you migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan, minutes spent on calls will be accumulated, and your calls to all National numbers will be charged at 27kobo/sec.

As you make the calls, your accumulated spending will continue to increase, and when your accumulated spending on calls reaches ₦16.20k, your calls to all national numbers will reduce to 11.26kobo per second.

However, you will continue to enjoy the discounted rate of 11.26 kobo per second for the rest of the day till 11:59 pm.

The same thing will happen the next day, your calls will be accumulated up to the defined amount of ₦16.20Kobo, after which your calls will drop to 11.26kobo per second.

However, the new rate will be charged from the point you qualify when you spend up to the pre-defined everyday amount of ₦16.20K while making a call.

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It is important to note that if you migrate out of the MTN Pulse tariff plan to any other prepaid tariff plan without spending up to the daily fee, all your accumulated spend will be wiped off.

And if you migrate back into the MTN Pulse tariff plan, the system will begin to accumulate your spending again.

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Benefits Of  MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

Below are the many benefits you will enjoy when you migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan.

1. A flat rate of 11.26k/sec for calls across all local Networks after spending ₦16.20K daily.

2. Special Data Bundles – 750MB 3-day data plan at ₦300, and 1.5GB Weekly data plan at ₦500.

3. Pulse Nightlife Bundles (250MB Pulse Nightlife bundle for N25 and 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundle for N50) up to 2GB.

4. Special Instagram, TikTok & YouTube Bundles: 350MB IG, TikTok & YouTube for ₦100 and 1GB IG, TikTok & YouTube for ₦200.

5. Get Pulse points when you activate selected Data bundles and exchange the points for free Data.

6. Free 10MB Monthly Data Bonus on the first recharge or first call of the month.

7. Pulse Tuesday Offer that enables you to purchase special discounted data plans on Tuesdays only.

8. Campus Zone Offer allows you to enjoy a 100% data bonus for every (100MB, 150MB, or 200MB) and ot is for people in Higher Institutions across Nigeria.

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That’s all on the MTN Pulse Tariff Plan Migration Code and Benefits, I hope it helps you migrate successfully.