May 21, 2024
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A Japanese man recently (WATCH HERE)

Toco, a cat, set out on a voyage of self-transformation to become a dog.


He realized his lifelong desire of becoming a border collie with the help of a hyperrealistic dog suit created by a Japanese business, Zeppet, for a $20,000 investment.


Toco had spent 40 days perfecting his canine disguise and was excited to enter the world as a dog for the first time.


capturing his incredible experience in a video


He went out into the streets, accepting his new identity.


During his stroll, Toco struck an unexpected connection, which delighted him.


Along the way, he made friends with some other canines, as passers-by and their furry companions were attracted by the eerie accuracy of his costume and lifelike movements.


They didn’t seem to be able to tell him apart from a real four-legged companion.


Toco confessed in open notes accompanying his unique change that his interest with becoming a dog had been a part of his life since boyhood.

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