How to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin 2023

How to retrieve MTN Transfer Pin is what we will be revealing in this article for all who are looking to get back theirs and resume their transfer journey again.

Have you been unable to share airtime to your friends using MTN lines too? For some reason it just have not been going through and the PIN you may have inserted does isn’t recognized? Sometimes, you are lost on what PIN code they are requesting for?

Perhaps you have never made an airtime transfer to another MTN number and it is your first time trying and you are asked to enter your PIN. Or, your case might be a very log time ago where you had successfully initiated an airtime transfer using the MTN share n Sell feature in the past and wish to use the service again but can’t recall the PIN you entered the first time.

Well, whatever your reason is, it might interest you to know that we have a solution to your problem and will be guiding you through all you need to know in regards to “how to retrieve MTN transfer PIN”.

In addition, you may wish to know more about how to get my MTN transfer pin, how to get your old transfer pin, MTN default pin code, how to transfer credit on MTN without pin, and number transfer pin. This article, is dedicated to provide appropriate answers to all your queries concerning how to retrieve MTN transfer PIN.

MTN transfer PIN simply means what the individual  phrase suggests. So, that brings us to “MTN share n sell”? To learn about how to retrieve MTN transfer PIN code. You will need to understand what MTN share n sell really is.

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What is MTN Share N Sell

MTN share n sell is a feature by MTN Nigeria that works like a self service or Do it yourself (DIY) service which offers MTN Nigerian customers the platform to enable users share airtime from the current MTN balance to other MTN numbers.

Initially, the service was introduced to assist MTN customers transfer airtime from their balance summary to that of friends or love ones but today, it offers more than just that.

Why and How to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin

There are tons of reasons why you may want to know How to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin especially because you may need to use the MTN share n sell service as a customer at some point.

You made a mistake on airtime credit top-up from your bank and currently have excess airtime on your MTN balance and you want to sell to others to recover your money, is one reason.

Another might be, trying to meet the need of a friend who asked you for airtime and you don’t have hard currency to purchase or enough money on your bank account to send but you have enough airtime on your phone to share.

These and more are the few common instances, you may need to learn how to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin.

Moreover, using the share n sell is a safe and fast option especially if you wish to send, share or transfer airtime from your balance to another MTN number.

MTN transfer PIN is basically pointless, if you do not intend or know how to use the MTN share n sell service. You need the MTN tarnsfer pin to successfully share airtime through MTN share n sell feature and without having to insert the MTN transfer PIN, it is impossible to share.

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For starters, let’s get started on how to retrieve the transfer PIN.

How to Retrieve MTN Transfer PIN Quickly
If you are seeking to retrieve your old MTN share n sell pin for airtime transfer, it means you have used the MTN share n sell service at least once on your line and here is a guide below to follow;

  • Open your messaging app and tap on the new message icon to create a new message
  • Add 556 as the recipient of the message and proceed
  • In the message body, type in “YES” and send (using your MTN line)
  • You will receive a text message from MTN NIGERIA reading; “welcome to share & sell, your default new pin is 0000. MTN recommends you reset the pin”.

That’s exactly how to recover your old MTN share n sell airtime transfer PIN in just a few seconds. Continue reading as I take you through on how to change your default PIN to a customized one.

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What is MTN Default Transfer PIN
To those who have never used the MTN Share N Sell service and will like to give it a shot. The default transfer PIN assigned by MTN Nigeria to all their customer is a 4 digits code 0000. However, to use the share n sell service as an MTN subscriber to transfer or send airtime, you must change the 0000 code to a personalized 4 digits code for security purpose.

Ways to Change your Transfer PIN on MTN
Basically, there are two ways you can use to change your default MTN share n sell PIN to a customized one. These two (2) methods include;

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1.) Via SMS
2.) Via USSD
We will be analyzing the two methods in this article to reveal to you how to retrieve MTN Transfer Pin.

How to Change MTN Transfer PIN with SMS
To successfully change your default or old MTN transfer pin using SMS method, you need to;

  • Launch your message application and tab the create new SMS icon
  • Add 777 as the receiver of the message
  • In the message body, insert [OldPin-Newpin-Newpin] and send using your MTN line.
  • You should receive a success message afterwards.
    For instance, you want to change the default Pin which is 0000 to a new pin you have in mind “1234”. All you should do is send 0000 1234 1234 to 777 (ensure there is a space between the old pin and the new pin).

How to Change MTN Transfer PIN via USSD code
To change using USSD method, follow the steps below;

  • Open your mobile phone dialer (button phone users can skip this step)
  • Insert the USSD code in this format *600*Oldpin*Newpin*Newpin# and send using your MTN line.
  • You should receive a success message that you have successfully changed your MTN transfer code.
    In details: Take for instance, you want to change your old pin which is 0000 to a new one 1234. You only need to input this USSD code *600*0000*1234*1234# and send.

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