May 21, 2024
Dstv Remote Control App

The DStv remote control app is a very good alternative in situations where your DSTV remote control is either damaged or lost.

It is quite easy and convenient to use but it can not be compared to having an actual DStv remote control in hand.

Although, Multichoice company has made available a PVR Remote and a Remote for DStv.

Both of them have similar download methods and can be installed on your smartphone.

How To Download DStv Remote Control App

It is very easy to download the DStv remote and install it on your mobile device.

To download and install the DStv remote control app on your mobile device, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Google Play Store App on your Mobile device
  2. Search for Remote Control For DSTV
  3. Tap on it when it is displayed
  4. Tap INSTALL to install the app

In situations where you were unable to get it on your Play store, you can search for it on Google and download it directly from a Link.

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The DStv remote control app would require Updating from time to time, so be sure to Update it when such notifications are sent to you.

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Requirements To Using The DSTV Remote Control App

The beauty and features of the DSTV Remote Control App make it quite unique in terms of compatibility and efficiency on smartphones.

This means that for any smartphone to use the DSTV Remote Control App efficiently, it must meet the following requirements

1. It should be a smartphone with at least Android v 4.0 spec and this can be verified on your Android phone by checking the ABOUT PHONE section of your phone SETTINGS.

2. The Smartphone should also have an INFRARED BLASTER or TRANSMITTER to enable the direct transmission from your Smartphone to the DSTV decoder.

To check if your Smartphone has an Infrared blaster or Infrared transmitter, follow the steps below.

  • Open your browser on your Smartphone
  • Type in your Smartphone name and specification in the search box
  • Scroll through the displayed list to see your phone is listed
  • If your phone is included on the list, scroll through its features to see if Infrared is included
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Second Method

  • Get your Phone manual and check the phone features listed on the manual to see if the Infrared is included. It may have an INFRARED BLASTER or an INFRARED TRANSMITTER listed on it depending on the specification of your Smartphone.

In a situation where your DSTV remote control is damaged or lost and you are also unable to install the DSTV remote control app on your smartphone, You can go to any DSTV office nearby and purchase a brand new DSTV remote control or have it delivered to you.

You should also note that having a DSTV remote control app installed on your phone should not stop you from having an actual DSTV remote control because using the phone app may come with its challenges and would not be as reliable as having the actual DSTV remote control.

That’s all on how to download and use the DStv remote control app.

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