How To Change Course In A Nigerian University

This is a detailed guide on how to change course in a Nigerian University.

Many students in the university are not happy with their current course of study, it is either they were offered the course because their Jamb score was too low to get them their desired course or the course is too difficult for them.

However, whatever may be the reason you want to change your current course of study, this article on how o change course in a Nigerian university will help you.

Reasons Why People Apply For A Change Of Course

There are many reasons why people want to change their current course of study to another one and below are some of the reasons.

1. Not The Course Of Choice

Many students in the university are studying the courses they did not apply for because their jamb cut-off mark for the course was not enough and so they changed to other courses that support the cutoff mark.

Some students become frustrated when they are studying a course other than the one they envisaged, hence the reason for applying for a change of course.

2. The Course Is Difficult

Some people registered for a course without knowing what it entails and when they finally gain admission and start attending classes, they hate everything about it because it is stressing them out and they cannot cope with it.

If you fall under this category of people, I want to let you know that there are no simple courses in the university and when you start tagging a course difficult, it becomes difficult for you.

If you cannot change from one course to another one, the best to do is look for ways to study the course.

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3. Their Career Prospect Has Changed

Some students register for a course without knowing what to make out of the course because their friends registered for it.

However, such students when finally gained admission to study the course, become confused when they realized that the course is not suitable for them and their career, hence the reason they apply for a change of course.

4. Dislike For Lecturers

Some people apply for a change of course because they do not like the lecturers in their current department.

However, if this is your sole reason for applying for a change of course, and the lecturer is not bothering or threatening you, then you’ve lost it because there is no department without annoying lecturers and you should learn to cope with yours.

Things To Consider Before Changing Course In Nigerian University

it is possible to change from one department to the other after gaining admission into the university but the process is difficult and time-consuming, and you might end up losing out if care is not taken.

However, most universities only allow students to change from one department to the other within the same faculty, it is hard if not impossible to change from one faculty to the other.

There are students who started the journey of changing from one course to the other but never succeeded and ended up becoming frustrated.

However, this is not to scare you, if you are extremely uncomfortable with your course of study, you can apply for a change of course, and follow it up judiciously to ensure its success.

Before you consider changing your course of study in the university, you need to, first of all, examine why you want to change your course of study to know if the reason is worth it. If it is worth it, you go ahead to do it, if it is not then you reconsider your plans.

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However, consider your eligibility too. It is important to ask questions to know the eligibility requirement for a change of course before applying.

If you are not eligible, you quit because your application will be rejected, but if you are eligible, you proceed with the application.

However, it is worth noting that if the course you are changing to is a popular and sought-after course, you might not be admitted because there might be no space for you.

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How To Change Course In A Nigerian University

If you are asking about how to change course in a Nigerian university, below are the steps you can take to change course in Nigerian Universities.

1. Apply for a change of degree program at the end of your first year, and you must complete the application before the beginning of a new session.

2. You will pay a non-refundable fee for the change of course as required by most Nigerian universities, the application fee for the change, of course, is compulsory.

3. After that, wait for the admission office to verify if you are qualified for the new department.

4. After you have been approved, the admissions office will process your application and your form will be moved to your new Faculty or college.

5. You will be invited for screening and then admitted to your new department.

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Moreover, some universities require a minimum of 4.5 GPA before a student can change to a new department.

Alternative To Change Of Course In Nigerian Universities

If you have battled to change your current course without success, below are the alternative ways to change of course of study.

1. Write another JAMB examination. Learn how to score 300 and above in JAMB

2. Change the institution and course entirely through inter-university transfer admission.

3. Complete your current course then, enroll in your preferred course through the Direct Entry program. Many Nigerian universities allow students to use their first degree to enter into the second year of their preferred course of study.

4. Complete your current course and then, go for another degree program in your preferred course

5. Complete your current course then, go for a Master’s Degree in your preferred course.

Changing from one department to another in Nigerian universities is easier said than done.

However,  if you are determined to follow the process to the end, success might smile at you at the end, but if you are not willing, it’s better not to start what you cannot conclude and adopt the alternative method of changing from one department to another.

That’s all on how to change course in a Nigerian University, I hope it helps you on your journey of course changing.

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