7 Mentalities Every JAMB Candidate Must Have

This article contains the 7 Mentalities Every JAMB Candidate Must Have

Are you are Jambite? Are you preparing for the 2020 Jamb examination?

Do you want to know the 7 mentalities every JAMB candidate must have to succeed in this forthcoming JAMB examination?

If you can answer yes to any of the above-posed questions, then this article is for you.

This timely article seeks to present you with the 7 must-have mentalities for jamb 2020 candidates. It’s our view that you will find it interesting. Hence, without expending more time, let’s get started.

It’s no longer news that each year, thousands of students regularly fail their Jamb examination. The reason is not far-fetched from the kind of mentalities they possess.

I used to have a couple of friends that have repeatedly failed the Jamb examination for at least 5 years. In fact, they practically became regular customers as far as the writing of jamb is concerned.

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Consequently, most of them out of frustration had to drop their academic ambitions for other skill acquisitions.

For the persons reading this article, I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to end up like these my friends, would you? Certainly not.

Hence, in the light of the above assertion, I present to you the 7 mentalities every JAMB candidate must have. If you are ready to get this knowledge, then I recommend that you continue reading below.

7 Mentalities Every JAMB Candidate Must Have

In no particular order of importance, here is our list of 7 cardinal mentalities that every 2020 Jambite must possess before the actual exam. Let’s get started.

First Mentality

Having good Self-esteem is one of the determining factors in becoming a student of any tertiary institution in Nigeria. Self-esteem in this essence doesn’t necessarily mean becoming or dressing like a celebrity.

It means looking at yourself and seeing the good qualities you possess that could help you pass. Sometimes, so many people fail exams not because they aren’t intelligent but because they walked into the exam hall with the wrong mindset.

By the wrong mindset in this context, I mean a situation in which a candidate feels and thinks that he can not pass any examination by himself without any external aid.

Once you walk into the examination hall with the mindset that you would fail it, no matter what you do, then by all rational means, you must fail it.

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Yes, there is no way around it. People who succeed in life are the ones who really believe that they would succeed, no matter the obstacles.

From today, start seeing the super brain you have, the brain that can retain and recall anything. The brain cannot fail you.

And most importantly, don’t forget to mingle with positive/sound-minded individuals. The kind of individuals that will bring out that monstrous genius in you.

Second Mentality

We all know that there are people whose hobby is to make you feel as though you have not read anything. Yes, we all know of such persons.

Truth is, if you allow yourself to be intimidated by this category of persons, then you will end up feeling depressed, and that will surely affect your self-esteem.

And we all know of the effect of depression when you are preparing for an exam like Jamb right?

Sure, you can not read all the books there is to read about Jamb. Depending on your capacity, do not attempt to compete with these persons by trying to read everything, only to end up not having mastery over any topic.

You know yourself better, try to read as many topics as you possibly can, and master them. With this, you should be proud that you have mastered some topics and can defend them anytime any day.

This should be the thing that gives you confidence. Never allow anybody to make you feel less of your academic sagacity.

Yes, while some persons may naturally be smarter than you academically, if their presence makes you feel inferior, then, by all means, avoid them, and stick around the persons that will always encourage you to read more to be better.

Third Mentality

The third mindset to have is the type that is free from grudges or malice. Yes, you must free up your mind as much as possible.

All through the period that you will be preparing for this exam, please don’t allow your mind to be preoccupied with negative thoughts about other people.

Yes, such energy that you devout in bearing grudges, you must channel all of it to your studies, to free up your mindset from unnecessary burdens.

You know why I say this, a mindset that is preoccupied with bitterness and negativity can hardly find time to engage in productive thoughts.

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And that is the last thing that you really need as a Jambite. You must learn for the sake of your exams to forgive immediately any kind of injury you may have offered in the hands of your friends. Shun all negativity and be positive for real.

Fourth Mentality

The next mentality you must have is that of boldness. You must be ready to fight every vestige of fear in your mindset. Be ready at all times to fight fear once it tries to creep into your mindset.

A lot of times, when we walk into the examination, we discover that because of fear, we can no longer hold our pen properly, nor can we spell simple things like COME and GO.

It happens to everybody once in a while. But if you don’t fight this in this period of preparation, then it will affect you big time.

The best way to overcoming fear is to read more books. It’s in the place of reading more books that you gain confidence in yourself.

Be bold enough to tell yourself that you can do it and that you’ve got all it takes to do very great in this jamb exam. Such positive confessions are natural killers of fear. Trust me, the bold mindset is the one that you can’t do without.

Fifth Mentality

The next one on the list is the mentality that depends on the strategy. The strategy here is deliberate and systematic planning which seeks to detail the processes of achieving a particular goal.

Every high achiever in life is a strategy. Since your desire in this Jamb is to have the highest possible mark, having a deliberate strategy for achieving it will not only be fun but entertaining as well.

Our strategies for achieving particular goals may differ. Since you know yourself better, you should endeavor to sit down and think of how best to hit your jamb target, so that you can gain admission to study that your dream course.

For some persons, their strategy may be to start studying more in groups, while others may opt-in for a more question and answer session. Whatever works for you, always rely on your strategy in order to meet the desired objectives.

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Sixth Mentality

The next mentality you must have, which I consider one of the most important of them all is the mindset of dependence and reverence for God almighty.

Yes, if you have followed carefully our steps above, and you don’t want to acknowledge God for His goodness over your life, then nothing may work out for you.

You must devote a sizable amount of your time to always pray to God for help. At times, God’s help is all that you need to succeed in your academic adventure, as much as in any other activity on earth.

Yes, tell Him how you can not do it alone without Him, and believe me, If you do it consistently with an open heart, He will surely come to assist you in capacities you never could have imagined in your whole life.

Just trust in God for assistance and help in this period that you are preparing for your Jamb and see if He will ever disappoint you.

That’s the assurance that we all have in Him, that each time that we call upon His name, He’s always there to assist us. What a loving Father He is.

Seventh Mentality

Last on our list is that you should have the consciousness of visiting good blog sites that are into Jamb guides always.

Sites like 9guiders, Pass.NG and the rest of them have guides and relevant tips that you should always follow in order to make your Jamb exam a sweet experience.

That is all for this guide on the 7 Mentalities Every JAMB Candidate Must Have.

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