The 10 Best Music Schools in Canada is our focus in this article and we have found it compilation resourceful for students with a passion for musical arts.

Music in our now contemporary society, goes beyond just an inherent local artform performed solo or with a crew. It is weaved into the very fabric of our nature, always has been.

Today, it is intricate and comprises of more than just sounds, but a blend of the finest tones in a specific style and order, creativity that evokes emotions and harmony in a way that serves a wider demography.

Though music has a large part embedded in talents but youngsters who are seeking for the Best Music Schools in Canada must surely have a dream of someday becoming one like one of their favorite artistes.

Since, Pop dominates a large part of the society today both among the young and old played in radio stations and other media around the globe.

Popular artists like Taylor Swift, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding etc are quite listened to today through TV’s, Ipods, etc.

However, students who are looking to professionally study music must be groomed in nothing less than the Best Music Schools in Canada where their talents and skills can be properly stirred and segmented into the best type of music they can individually perform for a rewarding result.

The study of musical performance, is an art and a disciplinary course of study that can be very challenging than it gets credit for yet equally rewarding.

By pursuing a higher learning in the study of music, from the best Music Schools in Canada. Students also get to enhance their communication and critical thinking skills as well as develop more interpersonal skills like team working, yet healthy competitiveness among colleagues.

Canada is very rich in diversiy of good music schools, talent, global knowledge, and choices to choose from. Also, the country offer musical degrees that suit all types of interests.

The music schools in Canada have diverse academic courses and classroom sizes to promote conducive learning and practical environments.

A music degree from the best music schools in Canada is sure to expose students to a wide range of career paths such as composers, musical instrument makers, music teachers, and even music industry attorneys.

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List of the 10 Best Music Schools in Canada

Here are a rundown of the 10 best music schools in Canada with accredited musical courses and honorable degrees.

1. Acadia University School of Music (Wolfville, NS)

The Acadia University school of Music is situated in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and is one of the best music schools in Canada known for its innovative programs, and has an average class size of 28 students which helps professors and lecturers to milk each students talent more individually compared to a large class size.

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This School of Music has its curriculum focused on three themes, they include: mental health and personal development, music teacher training, and music performance and proficiency training.

The school offers three bachelor options in music and music therapy.

Students are exposed to participation in auditions, by presenting 2-3 pieces in any genre of music as a live online performance, in-person, or pre-recorded submission in addition to an interview with faculty.

The University is also home to seven different ensembles and this unique Gamelan Ensemble was established in 2009.

2. Humber College Faculty of Media and Creative Arts (Toronto, ON)

The Humber College Faculty of Media and Creative Arts is one of the few best music schools in Canada and it is renowned for its ability to provide global opportunities, abundant resources, and also urges hands-on work experience for students who are pursuing a degree in music.

The College is working on a Humber Cultural Hub that is aimed at providing and nurturing the next generations of artists by cultivating a new economy for underserviced local communities.

Famous alumni from Humber College include the likes of talented Canadian jazz musician Alysha Brillinger and Greg Wells who is multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and audio engineer, with a long list of famous works.

3. Victoria Conservatory of Music (Victoria, BC)

As one of the best Music schools in Canada, Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) was founded in 1964 with a music program that began with a class of 8 students and currently has over 4,500 students of all musical ages and abilities.

The school’s programs include tech and creativity, therapy, classical, contemporary, postsecondary, and early childhood.

Students in this institute find opportunities to build their networks and relationships with industry experts, professional coaches and mentors who have had exposure and success working with prestigious groups and companies, like the Universal Studios, etc.

The VCM’s School of Music Technology and Creativity, teach students new methodologies in music creation and composure through exposure to cutting-edge programs and software.

4. University of Western Ontario Don Wright Faculty of Music (London, ON)

The University of Western Ontario school of music is called the Don Wright Faculty of Music and is a home to three departments – which include: Music Research and Composition, Music Performance Studies, and Music Education.

The school has an incredibly wide network of 6,000 alumni around the globe who have pursued unique career paths in theater, television and law, making it one of the few best music schools in Canada.

Students who are products of this institute are exposed to outreach programs, music festivals, progressive music symposiums, and competitions by accessing the university’s network.

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The school also bagged national recognition, with three out of five winners from the Met Opera Laffont Competition being students and graduates from the University of Western Ontario.

Students will go through an audition and/or interview process if applying for the degree of a Bachelor of Music or the Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music, Popular Music Studies, or Music Administrative Studies.

5. Queen’s School of Music (Kingston, ON)

The Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University is a prestigious institution that ranks as one of the best music schools in Canada embracing the many disciplines of students tutelage in professional performing arts.

The school takes prides in the combination of technical production, administration, scholarship, and performance as a single master other than separately, making it a unique approach compared to how it is done in other schools.

Undergraduate Students in this institution studying to major in music, music theater, and music education are required to learn the core components of theory, musicology, musicianship, and applied studies.

Those who aim to secure a master’s degree will expand their knowledge in leadership and arts management.

The University has many faculty members some of which are internationally acclaimed mentors, and many others.

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6. University of Toronto Faculty of Music (Toronto, ON)

It is impossible to skip The Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto when writing on the best music schools in Canada which has a network of about 7,500 alumni who have been honored for their performance on worldwide stages.

The University of Toronto is a known cultural hub with lively concerts, theory and practical lecture sessions, and workshops held at locations where students meet with established vocalists and instrumentalists in the industry.

The school provides its music students with a versatile learning experience and a state of the art environments such as the 815-seated Macmillan Theatre and the University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio to hone students skills and stir desired development and an immersive experience in music.

Degrees from this institution include a one-year advanced certificates in performance, a four-year bachelors in music degrees and graduate-level music performance and composition programs.

7. University of British Columbia School of Music (Vancouver, BC)

University of British Columbia’s School of Music is an excellent ultra-modern designed and sound institution that stands out as one of the few best music schools in Canada that offer undergraduate, post-graduate, and non-degree training programs in music performance, composition, education, and scholarship.

Undergraduate students here have the choice to obtain a bachelor’s degree in music or a dual degree in Music and Education that is completed in five years.

UBC alumni through the various degree programs offered by the school, have paved successful career paths ranging from musicians to teachers of which Cris Derksen is one, a winner of the 2020 iSing!

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The University has spread its tentacles embracing opportunities for students to collaborate with colleagues and community organizations with programs that allow for volunteer positions with the Vancouver Opera, teaching assistantships, and more.

8. Royal Conservatory of Music Glenn Gould School (Toronto, ON)

The Royal Conservatory of Music Glenn Gould School is a citadel of learning established in 1997 for gifted young artists, to make a career and have professional training in music performance at both post-secondary and post-graduate levels.

As one of the best music schools in Canada, it is a respected and an internationally acclaimed institution renowned for music education, having been around for well over a century and has mentored award-winning artists, like opera singer Peter Barrett.

The school offers three levels of study in music, performance, and a postgraduate artist diploma program. Through some Programs offered by the school, selected participants get to receive career coaching and undergo private studies with exceptional faculty and guest artists.

9. Quebec Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art (Quebec)

The Quebec Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art is a prestigious educational network consisting of nine music and drama conservatories.

With hopes to provide the community with higher education in the arts, the network was established in 1942, with seven conservatories dedicated to music and two to the dramatic arts.

The organization offers three music training programs in interpretation, conducting, and composition. The conservatory promotes artistic autonomy by offering this training to grade-level students and graduate-level adults.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees range from two to three years of study, focusing on mastering an instrument, performance, or orchestral conducting. The conservatories are located in the stylish French-speaking city surrounded by a melting pot of creatives, artists, and leaders in the music scene.

10. McGill University Schulich School of Music (Montreal, QC)

The McGill University Schulich School of Music is an award-winning school for many areas of studies and home to over 800 students pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, or graduate diploma or certificate in music.

These and more qualify the school as one of the best music school in Canada, with 16 areas of study split between the Department of Music Research and the Department of Performance.

The McGill Conservatorium of Music Has become global recognition for its opera, orchestra, jazz, as well as early and contemporary music programs.

Through the curriculum’s combination of research, technology, and community performance, graduates have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and won many Juno Awards.

The School’s students and faculty put on over 700 performances each year with an ideal setting for pre-professional practice.