Top 5 Apps Available In Nigeria To Earn In Dollars

It is no news that earning in dollars is one of the best way to thrive in Nigeria. This is mainly because of the fact that the US Dollar is a highly valued currency, by far greater than the Nigerian Naira. This means that when you earn in dollar, you get triple of what you get in naira. In this article, you will be reading about apps that allow you to earn in dollars that are available in Nigeria. Before we delve into that, let’s check out some reasons why it is wise to make money in dollars.

Reasons You Need To Earn In Dollars

Here are some reasons why you need to earn in dollars especially in Nigeria today:

It Gives You Protection Against Inflation

It has been observed that the Nigerian Naira has experienced significant fluctuations in value over the years, largely due to factors such as inflation and economic instability.This therefore means that earning in dollars provides a protection against the devaluation of the country’s currency. As the dollar is a globally recognized and stable currency, it can serve as an advantage against inflation and safeguard the value of your earnings.

Allows You Have An Increased Purchasing Power

With the dollar being one of the strongest and most widely accepted currencies in the world, earning in dollars can significantly boost your purchasing power. You see, having income in dollars allows you to access a wider range of goods and services without being subjected to unfavorable exchange rates.

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It Gives You Access to Global Opportunities

Earning in dollars opens up a world of opportunities beyond the borders of Nigeria. You can do remote work, and freelancing with the help of the dollar currency. In addition, having a dollar-based income allows you to take advantage of opportunities that may not be available locally..

Top Apps Available In Nigeria That Allows You Earn In Dollars

Here are top apps available in Nigeria that allow you to earn in dollars:


Upwork tops the list when it comes to getting freelance opportunities. You can write, do graphic designing, do programming and others. Upwork connects skilled professionals with clients worldwide. The platform offers a level playing field for Nigerian freelancers to compete globally, making it a lucrative option to earn in dollars.


With Fiverr, you can monetize your skills and make money from it. Freelancers in Nigeria, often use this platform to attract clients from all over the work and make money from it. Sign Fiverr, any skill can be sold here. Skills such as graphic designing, writing and programming are the often most sort-after skills.

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With Swagbucks, you can earn money which are in accumulated points. These points are accumulated from tasks performed on the platform. This task can be taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, of doing other stuffs. You can also use this tool to make a lot of money too in dollars.

Survey Junkie

If you’re looking to earn dollars by sharing your opinions, Survey Junkie is the go-to platform. With a user-friendly interface and survey options, Survey Junkie rewards users for completing surveys on various topics ranging from consumer preferences to market trends. While each survey may not being much money, consistent participation can accumulate a substantial income over time.


Is it possible to earn dollars online from Nigeria?

Yes, it is possible to earn dollars online from Nigeria through various platforms such as freelancing websites, survey platforms, and reward-based apps.

What skills are in demand for freelancing in Nigeria?

Skills in demand for freelancing in Nigeria include writing, graphic design, programming, virtual assistance, digital marketing, and website development.

How much can I earn from online surveys in Nigeria?

Earnings from online surveys in Nigeria vary depending on factors such as the survey length, complexity, and the platform used. While individual survey earnings may be modest, consistent participation can lead to a steady income over time.

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Are there any risks associated with earning dollars online from Nigeria?

While there are legitimate opportunities to earn dollars online from Nigeria, it’s essential to be cautious of potential scams and fraudulent schemes. Researching the credibility of platforms and avoiding offers that seem too good to be true can help mitigate risks.

Can I earn passive income through apps in Nigeria?

Yes, you can earn passive income through apps in Nigeria by engaging in activities such as completing surveys, watching videos, reading articles, and participating in referral programs offered by various platforms. While the income may start small, consistent participation can lead to a steady stream of earnings over time.


No doubt, you’ve been shared with the latest update about how to make money. Don’t snooze on this opportunity. Make that money in dollars today!

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