How to See My Blocked List on Facebook

block or unblock someone on Facebook Dating

Facebook is an online community with people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, etc. As a result, it is very easy to take offense by people’s online activities or offend people yourself. Knowing this, Facebook introduced the block feature, that allows people to block other persons easily. When you block someone, they will not be able … Read more

Quick Solution To OpenDNS Phishing Threat

quick Solution To OpenDNS Phishing Threat

Is Google blocking your website as having a phishing threat, and you desperately need a quick solution to OpenDNS Phishing Threat? This guide will help. This article seeks to provide you with a quick solution to “this site has been blocked due to phishing threat”. For those of us who own websites, we all know … Read more

Health Benefits of Drinking Water Every Day

Health Benefits of Drinking Water Every Day

There are many benefits of drinking water apart from the fact that water makes a complete dining set. We need water as we take on our daily activities because a certain amount of water has been lost to the environs and if this lost water is not replenished, the whole body system is dehydrated and … Read more